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Connecting CF Youth 

The Moving Game
Have fun while getting great ideas to improve your moving experience.

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Moving Game

On the Move
Teens share their experiences about living the military lifestyle.

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 These PSP videos are
sponsored in part by SISIP

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Out-of-Canada Relocation Testimonies - Stories & Tips
Canadian Forces families who have been through the task of moving outside of Canada offer their top pieces of advice for Before, During and After the move.

Hear their stories here:

Youth Relocation

Adult Relocation

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Dealing with Culture Shock
Culture is one of the more difficult concepts to define, largely because it comprises every aspect of social life. Try our cultural word search and iceberg activities to learn more about culture and test your knowledge of some of the cultural differences you can expect to find in various European countries.

 Iceberg Activity

 Word Search


word search

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