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Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs)

MFRCs provide military families with information, resources and services in Canadian Armed Forces communities. To learn more about MFRCs, visit our About Us section.

 Find your local MFRC To find the Military Family Resource Centre closest to you now, click here. Or use our location drop-down menu below.

Featured information, resources and services:
24/7 Phone Assistance You're Not Alone NEW EPISODES!
The Mind's the Matter

the mind's the 


For CAF families with questions, concerns or who would like support

Downloadable Guide for connecting military families to mental health and social wellness programs

For CAF families living with someone with an Operational Stress Injury (OSI)

NMFC CAF Mental Health Services Shoulder to Shoulder

The National Military Family Council (NMFC) a voice for military families

Mental Health resources for CAF members and families

Support for families of the fallen

 What's New?

Do You Have a Family Member with Special Needs? Military Family Services Needs YOUR Help.
You're Not Alone - Connecting military families to mental health and social wellness programs
May 15th – In celebration of military families

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 Special offers for families

 Additional Resources