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Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs)

MFRCs provide military families with information, resources and services in Canadian Armed Forces communities. To learn more about MFRCs, visit our About Us section.

 Find your local MFRC To find the Military Family Resource Centre closest to you now, click here. Or use our location drop-down menu below.

Featured information, resources and services:
24/7 Phone Assistance Family Guide My Voice

Family Guide

My voice 

For families with questions, concerns or who would like support

A Family Guide to the Military Experience

A confidential and anonymous forum open to all military family members to discuss issues

Special Needs

Support to Parents of CAF Members

Children's Education
special needs

parent support sign

school children 

Resources, advice and encouragement

MFS and Military Family Resource Centres (MFRC) support services to the extended military family

Education allowances and overseas school

Shoulder to Shoulder You're Not Alone The Mind's the Matter
S2S   the mind's the 


Support for Families of the Fallen

Downloadable Guide for connecting military families to mental health and social wellness programs

For families living with someone with an Operational Stress Injury (OSI)

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