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About Us 

Canadian Military Family Resource Centre
135 East Ent Ave. (Bldg. 365)
Peterson Air Force Base, CO
80914 USA

Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 15:00

The Colorado Springs CMFRC provides opportunities for military families to participate in the development, delivery, participation and evaluation of programs and services that address the unique military lifestyle.  

These programs and services include:

  • Child and Youth Development and Parenting Support;
  • Prevention, Support and Intervention;
  • Personal Development and Community Integration; and
  • Family Separation and Reunion.

The Colorado Springs CMFRC employs three staff whos services are augmented by Volunteers from the community.

The Colorado Springs Canadian Military Family Resource Centre is YOUR resource Centre. MFRCs in the United States are an integral component of the Military Family Services (MFS). The CMFRC works for and are responsive to the community by offering a wide variety of programs and services that can assist you with your relocation and your time in Colorado Springs. 

Your CMFRC offers programs and services for all “families.” Whether you're a single member, married without children at home or have children living at home, you will find something for you offered at the Colorado Springs CMFRC.

The Directorate of Military Family Services (DMFS) requires that a Military Family Advisory Committee comprised of at least 51% civilian military spouses be in place to represent and identify the needs, concerns and aspirations of the Canadian military community. Issues addressed by the committee include, community needs, long-term goals, programs, delivery and evaluation of services.

Funding is provided by DMFS to ensure that the unique needs of our community are being met.

Mission:  To promote and facilitate community based military family services that strengthen Canadian Forces families and communities.

Image Source: CMFRC Colorado Springs
CMFRC Colorado Springs