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Family Separation and Reunion 

Throughout their careers Canadian Forces personnel are required to serve time away from their families for a variety of reasons and for varying lengths of time. By definition, the Colorado Springs MFS recognizes a deployment as “any separation faced by a military family due to operations, temporary duty and exercises both domestic and abroad associated with the military and for periods above 30 days. 

We understand that these short and long term separations place significant physical and emotional demands on military families.  With the support of the Peterson Airman and Family Readiness Centre and the CFSU (CS), we are able to provide services to assist those who are coping with family separation.

Deployment Support
Deployment support is provided to offer emotional and physical assistance to family members while the Military member is absent from their family on a continuous basis due to military duty. The Colorado Springs Canadian Military Family Service offers:

Emotional Support

  • by providing ongoing contact with each family experiencing a deployment.

Physical Support

  •  We provide resources for children
  •  Access to information and referral service
  •  Limited postal services for deployed members

If the spouse of a deployed military member has not been contacted by the Colorado Springs Military Family Services (MFS), please contact us at

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