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Education & Training 

Education and training promotes personal growth, skills development and social and community engagement.

Professional Development
Various classes, workshops, training sessions and special events are held throughout the year based on information received from the Colorado Springs CF community. The planned activities are meant to complement (rather than duplicate) the work of existing USAFA and Peterson AFB supports and activities. Whenever possible, linkages are formed with these other agencies to meet the needs of the community.

The MFSP and the CMFRC relies heavily on volunteers to help plan, coordinate, and facilitate these activities. You are encouraged to contact your Centre, if you are interested in volunteering, or if you have a suggestion for a workshop or class that you believe others would also be interested in.

Adult professional development services include a variety of programs. These programs are offered during the day and or evening. The programs are advertised in the CMFRC Colorado Springs Newsletter and through the USAFA and Peterson AFB website. Programs may include:

CMFRC Resource Library
The CMFRC maintains a resource library to assist families integrate into their new community, enhance quality of life, and promote and support personal, family and community development. The resource material may be signed out for a two week period at no charge.

Second Language Training
Second Language Training is offered through the Rosetta Stone Program. One year licenses (April – April) are offered to dependants of CF personnel posted to Colorado Springs. To find out more information and to request a license please contact the CMFRC at

Dependant Education Information
For information on the benefits and entitlements for dependant education please contact the CFSU (CS) BOR.

Download the Education Guide created by the CMFRC.

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