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Volunteer Leadership 

Volunteering leads to personal growth and development, and to community engagement, both of which are key MFSP goals. Opportunities exist throughout the MFSP for meaningful volunteer involvement – on Advisory Committees of Military Family Resource Centres (MFSs), at the service delivery level, and in service design and evaluation. The Colorado Springs MFS supports this volunteer leadership involvement through sound volunteer principles and practices incorporated into their services, including recruitment, screening, training, orientation, evaluation and recognition. Where no suitable volunteer opportunities exist within the MFS, volunteers can be referred to volunteer opportunities elsewhere in the community.

Community Involvement
When members of a community are actively engaged in the life of their community, the community as a whole benefits. Since members of a community are often in the best position to know their own needs, true community involvement engages family members in planning, designing, delivering and evaluating services. The MFSP supports communities to meet their changing needs and encourages community members to take advantage of opportunities for personal growth and development.

Benefits of Volunteering
Volunteering is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with what is happening locally and to meet new people. Plus, if you were active in the MFRC in your previous region, it helps to maintain some consistency by getting involved at the MFRC in your new region. You can get involved either by volunteering or by participating in the programs and activities offered at our MFS.

Discover new areas of interest
Build self-confidence
Build respect in your community
Develop, improve marketable skills
Put on-the-job experience into your resume
Broaden your career choice options
Make new friends

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