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Military Family Resource Centre Staff 

General Information
Phone: (780) 973-4011, Ext. 6300

Roza Parlin, Executive Director
Ext. 6306

Bob Mann, Deputy Director
Ext. 6330

Front Office Staff
Barb Booker, Business Manager
Ext. 5060

Chantelle Adamson, Administrative Assistant-Accounts Receivable
Ext. 6301

Brittney Fulton, Administrative Assistant-Reception
Ext. 6300

Marketing & Communications

Angela Duckworth, Senior Communications Coordinator

Frederic Rancourt, Outreach & Marketing Coordinator
Ext. 6334

Eden Suley, Communications & Outreach Coordinator
Ext. 6601

Fund Development
France Bourgeois, Fund Development Coordinator
Ext. 6328

Denise Kantor (Bilingual French), Deployment Coordinator
Ext. 6304

Program Development
Brenda Davidson, Program Manager
Ext. 7048

Prevention, Support & Intervention

Helena Gillespie, MSW, RSW, Family Liaison Coordinator (JPSU/IPSC)
Ext. 6335

Jerris Popik, B.A. Psyc, Family Support Worker
Ext. 6126

Francophone Services
Catherine Gagne (Bilingual French), Language Services & Outreach Coordinator
Ext. 5081
Volunteering & Community Outreach
Donna Woodford, Community Development Coordinator
Ext. 2285

Children's Services
Nancy Defer, Children’s Programs Coordinator
Ext. 6313

Lucinda Humphries, Child Care Coordinator

Out-of-School Care
Phone: (780) 973-3118

The Edge Youth Centre
Youth/Teens Outreach Supervisor
Ext. 6324

MFRC staff image 
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MFRC Edmonton: (780) 973-4011 ext. 6300