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Military Family Resource Centre Staff 

General Information
Phone: (780) 973-4011, Ext. 6300

Roza Parlin, Executive Director
Ext. 6306

Bob Mann, Deputy Director
Ext. 6330

Front Office Staff
Barb Booker, Business Manager
Ext. 5060

Chantelle Adamson, Administrative Assistant-Accounts Receivable
Ext. 6301

Melanie Hartwig, Administrative Assistant-Reception
Ext. 6300

Marketing & Communications

Angela Duckworth, Senior Communications Coordinator

Frederic Rancourt, Outreach & Marketing Coordinator
Ext. 6334

Eden Suley, Communications & Outreach Coordinator
Ext. 6601

Fund Development
France Bourgeois, Fund Development Coordinator
Ext. 6328

Kerri Dixon, Deployment Coordinator
Ext. 6304

Program Development
Brenda Davidson, Program Manager
Ext. 7048

Prevention, Support & Intervention

Helena Hawryluk, MSW, RSW, Family Liaison Coordinator (JPSU/IPSC)
Ext. 6335

Jerris Popik, B.A. Psyc, Family Support Worker
Ext. 6126

Amy Russell, RSW, BSW Family Support Worker

Francophone Services
Catherine Gagne (Bilingual French), Language Services & Outreach Coordinator
Ext. 5081
Volunteering & Community Outreach
Donna Woodford, Community Development Coordinator
Ext. 2285

Children's Services
Nancy Defer, Children’s Programs Coordinator
Ext. 6313

Lucinda Humphries, Child Care Coordinator

Out-of-School Care
Phone: (780) 973-3118

The MFRC Youth Centre
Youth/Teens Outreach Supervisor
Ext. 6324

Veteran Families
Denise Kantor, Veteran Family Coordinator 
Ext. 5603

MFRC staff image 
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MFRC Edmonton: (780) 973-4011 ext. 6300