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Military Family Services Program (MFSP) 

The MFSP: Parameters for Practice reflects the evolution of the CF-wide community-based, family support program. This guidance document ensures a coordinated and consistent national program, and provides a framework for families and communities to have influence on local priorities and services.

MFSP: Parameters for Practice (1.81Mb)

If you have questions about the MFSP: Parameters for Practice or would like a copy, please click here to send us an email.

Updates on the Enhancement of the MFSP
DMFS is working hard to keep all who work in military family services informed as the enhancement of the MFSP progresses. We’ve recently posted several important new articles to our website and we encourage all C/MFRC staff and volunteers to take a look.

The DMFS website has the latest information on the soon-to-be-created CF Family Secretariat and CF Family Advisory Panel and we’re looking for your input. The article includes a link to a discussion forum and we’d love for you to have your say on this new initiative.

We’ve also posted articles about several exciting initiatives that will be developed with the support of several MFRCs through the Enhancement Initiative Pilot Projects and the MFSP Project Fund. And, we’re keeping you up to date on the work DMFS is conducting to help MFRCs determine where CF families are located.

mfsp model 
Image Source: DMFS