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The National Military Family Council evolves to the Military Family Panel Process 

The National Military Family Council was originally set up as a voice of military families and to build on the Military Family National Advisory Board that preceded it. Over time however it was apparent that being a conduit for all military families was too onerous for a small group of volunteers and that there were systemic challenges preventing them from effectively capturing and channeling the collective voice.

In October 2014, we introduced the Military Family Panel Process at the Strengthening Resilience Conference in Cornwall which included members of the former National Military Family Council. The Military Family Panel Process is an ongoing consultative process to engage with families at a working level and provides an ongoing source of information and referral to internal subject matter experts throughout the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Process will offer a family perspective to inform policy, benefits and program administration as they affect military families. The establishment of the Military Family Panel Process is in response to the reports released in fall 2013 by the Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman and Chief Review Services. Both reports indicated that the Canadian Armed Forces need to listen more and communicate more effectively with military families.

The Military Family Panel Process will occur mostly by virtual means, and convene families in person as required depending on the issue. All opportunities to engage with families, whether individually or in groups, will be considered within the context of the Family Panel process.

Military families are encouraged to participate in the Military Family Panel Process through the Family Information Line by calling 1-800-866-4546 , communicating via email at or or through our Facebook page. Families who want to find out more about ways to share their voice, can visit .  Read more here....


NMFC members at meeting Sep 2013