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Glossary of Acronyms & Terms 

AC – Advisory Committee

AFCArmed Forces Council

BN – Briefing Note

CANFORGEN – Canadian Forces General Message


CDS Chief of Defence Staff

CFCanadian Forces

CFB – Canadian Forces Base

CF HRCanadian Forces Human Resources

CFHSCanadian Forces Health Services

CFMAPCanadian Forces Member Assistance Program

CFPMCanadian Forces Provost Marshal

CFPSA – Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (now DGPFSS)

CMFRC – Canadian Military Family Resource Centre (outside of Canada)

C/MFRC – Canadian/Military Family Resource Centre (includes MFRCs and CMFRCs) 

CMP – Chief Military Personnel

CSV – Community Site Visit

CWO – Chief Warrant Officer

DAOD – Defence Administrative Orders and Directives

D Chap PolDirector Chaplain Policy

DEM – Dependent Education Management

DGPFSS – Director General Personnel and Family Support Services (formerly CFPSA)

DMFSDirector Military Family Services

DSC, DSG – Deployment Support Centre, Deployment Support Group

DQOL – Director Quality of Life

FCT – Family Crisis Team

FIL - Family Information Line (formerly Mission Information Line)

FLO – Family Liaison Officer

FS&R – Family Separation & Reunion

FSV – Formal Site Visit

FVPFamily Violence Prevention

HLD – Home Location Decompression

IPSC – Integrated Personnel Support Centre

JPSU – Joint Personnel Support Unit

JSB – Joint Speakers Bureau

JTF – Joint Task Force

LFWA Land Forces Western Area

LCol – Lieutenant-Colonel


Lt(N)Lieutenant (Navy)

Maj – Major

MFNAB – Military Family National Advisory Board (stood down in 2008)

MFRC – Military Family Resource Centre (in Canada)

MFSPMilitary Family Services Program

MPMilitary Police

MWO – Master Warrant Officer

NMFC – National Military Family Council

OSISS – Operational Stress Injury Social Support

PAO – Public Affairs Officer

PDCI – Personal Development and Community Integration 

PPD – Policy and Program Development

PSI – Prevention, Support & Intervention

PSP – Personnel Support Programs

ROD – Record of Discussion

SC – Steering Committee

SID – Strategic Initiating Directive

SLT – Second Language Training

SOP – Standard Operating Procedures

STFStrengthening the Forces

TLD Third Location Decompression

TORTerms of Reference

VAC – Veterans Affairs Canada

W/B Comds – Wing/Base Commanders

WG – Working Group

YSS – Your Say Survey


CDS with NMFC in Ottawa

Source: DGPFSS