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The Heart of a Community Organization!
MFSE Naples is looking for volunteers! Volunteers are the focal point of the centre. They plan, organize and implement community programs and activities. Volunteering is vital to the operation of the centre. They make it possible to offer enriching programs and activities to our Naples community.
MFSE Naples would not function without them!

Why is volunteering so important?
It is a double win. Even though it is not something you will get paid for, the benefits are often greater than the money you would have earned.

  • Creates Healthy Communities – makes a positive contribution to your community by sharing your knowledge and skills.
  • Gives Back – it demonstrates someone’s appreciation or gratitude.
  • Helps Others in Need – the joy it brings to others is priceless.
  • Connects People – you get to know your new community better, make new friends, and get others involved.
  • Give Hope – brings hope to others.
  • Emboldens the Human Spirit – it can be a spiritual boost and emotionally uplifting both of which cannot be purchased. It also increases self-confidence and skills.
  • Sense of Belonging – develops a relationship with your community and gives you a sense of being needed. This is especially important when you are new to a community particularly an OutCan posting where you are leaving your families and friends in Canada to move to a new country.
  • Volunteering will ease the transition to your new community.
    Develops New Skills – participating on an OutCan posting in most cases involves you taking a leave from work or putting your professional career on hold during posting period.
  • Volunteering is a great opportunity to enhance or develop new skills to add to your resume, and to keep your experience active on your resume. Also, it provides an opportunity to contribute to meaningful, interesting and challenging work.
  • Self-discovery – as a volunteer you might find something new that you enjoy doing and would like to pursue further personally or professionally.
  • Participate in Decision Making Process – volunteering allows for opportunity to contribute in the decisions of your community.

Adapted from: Globe and Mail Article:  Published Wednesday, September 21, 2011 by Wallace Immen Why volunteer work has value on your resume? “Having volunteer work in your resume has the potential to make you more attractive to employers, a survey suggests.”

Youth and Volunteering at the MFRC – Naples
Volunteering is not just for members and their spouses. Youth can also volunteer. It can be one of the most valuable experiences in your life.  Volunteering can boost your work experience especially is area that you want to develop on your resume and it supports your community.  It can expose you to new and interesting work, and you might find a new career path that you had not considered before. The Government of Canada has a site dedicated to youth volunteering.

Government of Canada – Youth Canada/Volunteer Work

“The best way to find yourself,
is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Image Source: MFRC Naples
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