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Child & Youth Development and Parenting Support 

The goal of the MFSE UK & Remote Children and Youth programs is to provide support services and resources to children (aged 0 – 12) and youth (aged 13-18) living in the UK and remotely located in Europe due to a parent’s military posting.  Our aim is to deliver responsive, effective services in order to enhance quality of life, to minimize any downsides to moving and living overseas, and to strengthen the individual and family well-being.

The MFSE currently serves over 145 Canadian children and youth. Because of the geographical distance, the services and activities available tend to be mostly virtual, and may include the following, based on interest and participation:

  • E-mail connections
  • Pen pal program across Europe


Writing to a pen-pal can lead to lifelong friendships and provide a great opportunity for learning and connections.  The MFSEs have joined together to offer a program for kids aged 6 -12, connecting them with other Canadian children of a similar age living in Europe. Kids can decide together if they would like to communicate via email, or mail letters, cards and drawings through the post.

    • To read our Code of Conduct for program guidelines click here.
    • To register click here, for the form to fill out then  email the completed form to Erin Carter, our Child and Youth Community Service Provider.


Who:  Kids ages 4-12
What:  A Canadian-themed craft project will arrive in the mail with everything you need to make a cool craft to keep or to give away to family and friends. (Note: Crafts may vary based on ages of children)
When:  5 times a year –Every other month starting in October with a break for the summer months.
How:  If you are interested in participating in this fun and educational program please email Erin Carter, our Child and Youth Community Service Provider, with your name, age and address and we would be happy to add you to our KRAFTS 4 KIDS mailing list.
Why:  It is FUN!  Send us photos of your finished projects and we will show them off in our newsletter!

    The travelling teddy bear program

Jack is a proudly Canadian bear who loves to travel and spend time with CAF children and their families. Jack can fly to you through the mail, along with his travel passport (to record memories of his visit with your family), his suitcase and a few changes of clothes (one never knows what the occasion will warrant!).

If you would like to take Jack, or one of his friends, on a journey, please email Erin Carter, our Child and Youth Community Service Provider and he will arrange for Jack, Jill, Marco or Bob to be mailed to your house. They like to visit for 2 weeks and then go on to another adventure. Simply send him back to us at the MFSE and keep your postage receipt for reimbursement.

Parent Information and Support

Parents, we are here to provide information and referral in all areas related to childcare, whether requests for daycare referrals, information about children’s health, or requests for respite childcare during a deployment. You are welcome to the contents of our resource library and we’d love to hear from you regarding any interest you may have in virtual parenting workshops and book clubs, question and answer forums and online support groups.  For information, to share a good programing idea or just to connect and say “hi”  send an email to Erin Carter, our Child and Youth Community Service Provider.

Information about fun events and activities in the MFSE Newsletter 

Our newsletter is issued quarterly and contains a wealth of information, from timely articles on deployments issues, living overseas, parenting and much more to information on events, activities, programs  and volunteer opportunities. Be sure to take a look so you don’t miss out on what’s going on in your community.

Friends on a Journey 

Friends on a Journey

Image Source: MFSE

Michael Doupe, Child Programs Coordinator & Erin Carter, Community Service Provider for Children and Youth & 

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