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Welcome to the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre! 

 Make Your Voice Heard...

Military Family Resource Centres from across Canada have joined together to produce a submission to the Minister of National Defence as part of the ongoing public consultation on the future of the Canadian Armed Forces and Defence Policy in Canada.

We'd like to invite you, the families that we're here to serve, to read the brief that was prepared for the Minister and add your voice to solidifying the support for military families as part of Canada's Defence Policy.

Click the image below to view the brief:

Without Family, There is No Future

Be part of the process and let the consultation know that Canadian military families have clearly shown their significant contribution through the past thirty years of military operations.  They make a direct contribution to the operational efficiency and for this reason must be recognized in the evolving policies of defence as an integral and vital part of the CAF and must be supported by all levels of government through the Military Family Resource Centres (MFRC), governed by and for families by completing the policy consultation e-workbook and/or by participating in the conversation on the virtual forum.

Learn more about Defence Policy Review 2016...


Amazing New Program Launching Soon at Your Toronto MFRC!

"When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath."

~Hatha Yoga Pradipika

We're excited to announce a brand new program coming to the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre!  Strength & Stillness Yoga provides beginner movement and meditation classes for active and veteran service men and women, caregivers, spouses, and adult family members.  Yoga and meditation have been known to support the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, OSI, and TBI.  While it is not a replacement for clinical treatment, it can help with coping and resiliency.

About the Yoga Teacher, Tania (Tawn) Haas: Tawn earned her restorative yoga teaching certificate in 2012 from Octopus Garden Yoga Centre at College and Dovercourt, downtown Toronto​. She completed her 200-hour teaching certificate in 2015, ​followed by a ​specialty ​course ​in teaching students affected by trauma. Tania was first exposed to yoga as a dancer at a creative arts public high school in North York. She taught her first yoga class in 2002 in the Kathmandu valley while working as an English and math teacher at a home for 150 children, when the Maoist insurgency and bombing campaign was still ongoing. She has since worked as a journalist in Canada, the U.S. and around the world including the West Bank, Mexico and South Africa. Yoga and meditation have been helpful tools to stay focused and grounded along the way. She now lives in Toronto and works as a full-time in-house writer at Medcan.

Letting go is the hardest asana   Strength & Stillness

We're feeling so well supported, and you will too!!!!

The Toronto MFRC was pleased to play host on April 19th to the team from the True Patriot Love Foundation, who were here to present us with a cheque for a grant from their Bell fund!

The Bell True Patriot Love Fund, a $1 Million program in partnership with Bell Canada and Bell Let's Talk, provides grants to community mental health initiatives for Canadian military families, veterans, and serving members.  Since its launch, the Fund has provided over 32 grants to programs delivered through MFRCs and other charities that work to improve access to mental health care in military communities across Canada.

This generous contribution of $15,000 will be used by the Toronto MFRC to provide a variety of programs designed to Strengthen the Pillars of resiliency in the GTA's military families!  Keep an eye peeled, because details on these initiatives will be coming soon.

Staff from the True Patriot Love Foundation present the Toronto MFRC with the grant from the Bell TPL Fund.
Staff from the True Patriot Love Foundation present the Toronto MFRC with the grant from the Bell TPL Fund.
(L-R: Judy Sebastian, Michael MacDonald, Reba Fleury, Namita Joshi, Iain Harper, Emilie Furia.  Photo: Jamie McKay, Toronto MFRC)



Peace of mind is only a phone call away!

As the loved one of a Canadian Armed Forces member, you can contact the Family Information Line for any support you may need as a result of the unique nature of military life.


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