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Women's Services 

The program is open to All WOMEN in the area of Hastings and Prince Edward County.

You can contact  613-392-2811 ( 5541 )

Are you experiencing. . . ?

  •   tension or stress in your relationship?
  •   isolation from your family or your friend (s) ?
  •   with low self-esteem?
  •   difficult to express yourself or to share?
  •   fear or fears in your relationship?

We can help you:

  •  learn more about healthy relationships
  •  improve your confidence and your self-esteem
  •  express yourself in more effective ways
  •  learn to love you and love your partner

The services are :

  •  confidential
  •  free
  •  voluntary

 Recognize the signs of an abusive situation
 Security plan
 Resources for men






From the Ground Up:
From the Ground up is an empowerment program to help women discover and strengthen their
inner voice, teach them the skills necessary to help them take charge and regain their
self-esteem so they can discover the woman they really are. This is an eight-week program
that deal with topics of goal setting, self-confidence, coping skills, communication and assertiveness.

Please contact us for more information or to register, 
Hélène Thibeault(613) 392-2811 ext. 5541 or






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