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Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors of the Wainwright MFRC Society is made up of volunteers, at least 51% of whom are CF spouses. The Board also consists of representatives from the Office of the Commanding Officer and the Chaplaincy. You may contact the board at

Executive Director 
Angela Enman is the Wainwright MFRC Executive Director. She is responsible for all MFRC programs and welcomes your suggestions and comments. You may contact her at

Drop in, call us, fax us, or email us. We would be happy to hear from you!

Board Members

Chair  Wanda Paquette
Vice-Chair  Vacant Position
Treasurer  Kate McCullagh
Secretary  Sarah Stringer
Director  Sheila Willis
Director  Crystal Bugg

(updated 4 August 2016)

Image Source: JupiterImages
Executive Director: Angela Enman