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Education & Training 

For adult and post-secondary education information, contact the Navy College Learning Center at (360) 257-5276, or check out the following links:

To compare schools or for a listing of schools, colleges, and libraries in your area, try searching the National Center for Education Statistics website. For additional education information for DND dependent students out-of-Canada, visit the Dependent Education Management website.

Navy Region Northwest Fleet & Family Support provides a convenient way for customers to attend support workshops. All you need is a computer and a phone or speakers with a microphone!

For questions, call (866) 854-0638 /

Language training:
Contact the Skagit Valley College for information about English as a second language classes.

Second Language Training (offered through the Military Family Services Program email for information)

Second Language Training is offered through the Rosetta Stone Program. One year licenses (April 1– March 31) are offered to dependants of CF personnel posted to Whidbey Island.  


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