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Great West Life 

The Canadian Forces Dental Care Plan (CFDCP) is administered through Great West Life. The plan benefits do not change upon posting to the US. Claims continue to be processed using the same claim form. More extensive information is available on the CDLS(W) website: booklet, claim forms, request for advances. All requests for advances must be processed through the Chief Clerk, Canadian Detachment for onward transmission to CDLS(W).

Below is a dentist in Oak Harbor who is very good and familiar with Great West Life dental insurance. In fact, the form is sent directly to Great West Life in Winnipeg for payment and you only pay what you are responsible for: deductible (if required) and 10% portion. 

Dr Sid Strothers, DDS
520 E Whidbey Ave #210
Oak Harbor

Looking for a children’s dentist? Try:

Dr Greg Olson (Pediatric Dentist)
31775 SR 20 Suite A-1
Oak Harbor

If you choose a dentist that does not deal with Great West Life, you will have to pay up front for your visit then send a claim to Great West Life yourself. Make sure you indicate that payment was made in U.S. funds.

Dependant children are eligible for dental exams every six months; spouses every nine months. If you have any doubts as to what is covered and by how much, you can always call Great West at 1-800-957-9777.

While residing in the U.S., send your claims to:

Foreign Benefit Payments
P.O. Box 6000
Winnipeg, Manitoba

When you receive your Explanation of Benefits back from Great West Life and there is an excess dental expense, (eligible expenses that are incurred outside Canada and are higher than in Ontario) you are entitled to submit this expense to CDLS(W). The CF 52 Normal Health Claim form is used to submit a claim for the reimbursement of the excess dental expenses and is available on the CDLS(W) website.

The claim form must be processed through the Chief Clerk, Canadian Detachment for onward transmission to CDLS(W).

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