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Remote Personnel Family Services 

Welcome to the MFSE - Remote Family Services

Have we got information for you!  From where to shop and how to get around in your new community, to language training, virtual get-togethers and children's activities, you will find it all here. 

Each city has its own page which you will find on the About the Community page, listed by country.  Information is changing all the time as community members share what they know with us. If you are planning to visit any of our remote locations you will find these pages helpful. 

If you just need a friendly ear, the MFSE Remote centre is the place to turn to.  Our virtual doors are open and we look forward to hearing from you.  

In Brief

Living in a remote location in Europe will be a lot different than a regular posting.  We have learned from personal experience and experiences shared by other Canadians that it is best to always have an open mind and to be prepared to learn as you go.  One of the most important things about Europe is knowing the driving regulations and ways of the road.

As you travel throughout Europe, remember that driving laws vary from country to country and it is your responsibility to know the rules of the road. For example, French law requires you to carry a breathalyzer kits in your car at all times. They are available in gas stations throughout the country and at the ferry and tunnel terminals for about 2 euro. It is recommended that you carry two so in the event that you are required to use one (if stopped by police, for example), you will still have one to fulfill the requirement. 


For more information from around Europe, please see our Facebook page